Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3_STMT_SCANSTATUS(3)                            Library Functions Manual

     sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus - Prepared Statement Scan Status

     sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt, int idx, int iScanStatusOp,
         void *pOut                );

     This interface returns information about the predicted and measured
     performance for pStmt.  Advanced applications can use this interface to
     compare the predicted and the measured performance and issue warnings
     and/or rerun ANALYZE if discrepancies are found.

     Since this interface is expected to be rarely used, it is only available
     if SQLite is compiled using the SQLITE_ENABLE_STMT_SCANSTATUS compile-
     time option.

     The "iScanStatusOp" parameter determines which status information to
     return.  The "iScanStatusOp" must be one of the scanstatus options or the
     behavior of this interface is undefined.  The requested measurement is
     written into a variable pointed to by the "pOut" parameter.  Parameter
     "idx" identifies the specific loop to retrieve statistics for.  Loops are
     numbered starting from zero.  If idx is out of range - less than zero or
     greater than or equal to the total number of loops used to implement the
     statement - a non-zero value is returned and the variable that pOut
     points to is unchanged.

     Statistics might not be available for all loops in all statements.  In
     cases where there exist loops with no available statistics, this function
     behaves as if the loop did not exist - it returns non-zero and leave the
     variable that pOut points to unchanged.

     SQLITE_SCANSTAT_NLOOP(3), sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus_reset(3)

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