Updated: 2021/Apr/14

SQLITE3_TOTAL_CHANGES(3)   Library Functions Manual   SQLITE3_TOTAL_CHANGES(3)

     sqlite3_total_changes - Total Number Of Rows Modified


     This function returns the total number of rows inserted, modified or
     deleted by all INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements completed since the
     database connection was opened, including those executed as part of
     trigger programs.  Executing any other type of SQL statement does not
     affect the value returned by sqlite3_total_changes().

     Changes made as part of foreign key actions are included in the count,
     but those made as part of REPLACE constraint resolution are not.  Changes
     to a view that are intercepted by INSTEAD OF triggers are not counted.

     This the sqlite3_total_changes(D) interface only reports the number of
     rows that changed due to SQL statement run against database connection D.
     Any changes by other database connections are ignored.  To detect changes
     against a database file from other database connections use the PRAGMA
     data_version command or the SQLITE_FCNTL_DATA_VERSION file control.

     If a separate thread makes changes on the same database connection while
     sqlite3_total_changes() is running then the value returned is
     unpredictable and not meaningful.

     sqlite3_file_control(3), sqlite3_changes(3), sqlite3_total_changes(3),

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