Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3_UPDATE_HOOK(3)     Library Functions Manual     SQLITE3_UPDATE_HOOK(3)

     sqlite3_update_hook - Data Change Notification Callbacks

     void *
         void(*)(void *,int ,char const *,char const *,sqlite3_int64),
         void* );

     The sqlite3_update_hook() interface registers a callback function with
     the database connection identified by the first argument to be invoked
     whenever a row is updated, inserted or deleted in a rowid table.  Any
     callback set by a previous call to this function for the same database
     connection is overridden.

     The second argument is a pointer to the function to invoke when a row is
     updated, inserted or deleted in a rowid table.  The first argument to the
     callback is a copy of the third argument to sqlite3_update_hook().  The
     second callback argument is one of SQLITE_INSERT, SQLITE_DELETE, or
     SQLITE_UPDATE, depending on the operation that caused the callback to be
     invoked.  The third and fourth arguments to the callback contain pointers
     to the database and table name containing the affected row.  The final
     callback parameter is the rowid of the row.  In the case of an update,
     this is the rowid after the update takes place.

     The update hook is not invoked when internal system tables are modified
     (i.e.  sqlite_master and sqlite_sequence).  The update hook is not
     invoked when WITHOUT ROWID tables are modified.

     In the current implementation, the update hook is not invoked when
     conflicting rows are deleted because of an  ON CONFLICT REPLACE clause.
     Nor is the update hook invoked when rows are deleted using the truncate
     optimization.  The exceptions defined in this paragraph might change in a
     future release of SQLite.

     The update hook implementation must not do anything that will modify the
     database connection that invoked the update hook.  Any actions to modify
     the database connection must be deferred until after the completion of
     the sqlite3_step() call that triggered the update hook.  Note that
     sqlite3_prepare_v2() and sqlite3_step() both modify their database
     connections for the meaning of "modify" in this paragraph.

     The sqlite3_update_hook(D,C,P) function returns the P argument from the
     previous call on the same database connection D, or NULL for the first
     call on D.

     See also the sqlite3_commit_hook(), sqlite3_rollback_hook(), and
     sqlite3_preupdate_hook() interfaces.

     sqlite3(3), sqlite3_commit_hook(3), sqlite3_prepare(3),
     sqlite3_preupdate_hook(3), sqlite3_commit_hook(3), sqlite3_step(3),

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