Updated: 2021/Apr/14

SQLITE3_URI_PARAMETER(3)   Library Functions Manual   SQLITE3_URI_PARAMETER(3)

     sqlite3_uri_parameter, sqlite3_uri_boolean, sqlite3_uri_int64 - Obtain
     Values For URI Parameters

     const char *
     sqlite3_uri_parameter(const char *zFilename, const char *zParam);

     sqlite3_uri_boolean(const char *zFile, const char *zParam, int bDefault);

     sqlite3_uri_int64(const char*, const char*, sqlite3_int64);

     These are utility routines, useful to VFS implementations, that check to
     see if a database file was a URI that contained a specific query
     parameter, and if so obtains the value of that query parameter.

     If F is the database filename pointer passed into the xOpen() method of a
     VFS implementation when the flags parameter to xOpen() has one or more of
     the SQLITE_OPEN_URI or SQLITE_OPEN_MAIN_DB bits set and P is the name of
     the query parameter, then sqlite3_uri_parameter(F,P) returns the value of
     the P parameter if it exists or a NULL pointer if P does not appear as a
     query parameter on F.  If P is a query parameter of F has no explicit
     value, then sqlite3_uri_parameter(F,P) returns a pointer to an empty

     The sqlite3_uri_boolean(F,P,B) routine assumes that P is a boolean
     parameter and returns true (1) or false (0) according to the value of P.
     The sqlite3_uri_boolean(F,P,B) routine returns true (1) if the value of
     query parameter P is one of "yes", "true", or "on" in any case or if the
     value begins with a non-zero number.  The sqlite3_uri_boolean(F,P,B)
     routines returns false (0) if the value of query parameter P is one of
     "no", "false", or "off" in any case or if the value begins with a numeric
     zero.  If P is not a query parameter on F or if the value of P is does
     not match any of the above, then sqlite3_uri_boolean(F,P,B) returns

     The sqlite3_uri_int64(F,P,D) routine converts the value of P into a
     64-bit signed integer and returns that integer, or D if P does not exist.
     If the value of P is something other than an integer, then zero is

     If F is a NULL pointer, then sqlite3_uri_parameter(F,P) returns NULL and
     sqlite3_uri_boolean(F,P,B) returns B.  If F is not a NULL pointer and is
     not a database file pathname pointer that SQLite passed into the xOpen
     VFS method, then the behavior of this routine is undefined and probably


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