Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3_VALUE(3)           Library Functions Manual           SQLITE3_VALUE(3)

     sqlite3_value - Dynamically Typed Value Object

     typedef struct sqlite3_value sqlite3_value;

     SQLite uses the sqlite3_value object to represent all values that can be
     stored in a database table.  SQLite uses dynamic typing for the values it
     stores.  Values stored in sqlite3_value objects can be integers, floating
     point values, strings, BLOBs, or NULL.

     An sqlite3_value object may be either "protected" or "unprotected".  Some
     interfaces require a protected sqlite3_value.  Other interfaces will
     accept either a protected or an unprotected sqlite3_value.  Every
     interface that accepts sqlite3_value arguments specifies whether or not
     it requires a protected sqlite3_value.  The sqlite3_value_dup() interface
     can be used to construct a new protected sqlite3_value from an
     unprotected sqlite3_value.

     The terms "protected" and "unprotected" refer to whether or not a mutex
     is held.  An internal mutex is held for a protected sqlite3_value object
     but no mutex is held for an unprotected sqlite3_value object.  If SQLite
     is compiled to be single-threaded (with SQLITE_THREADSAFE=0 and with
     sqlite3_threadsafe() returning 0) or if SQLite is run in one of reduced
     there is no distinction between protected and unprotected sqlite3_value
     objects and they can be used interchangeably.  However, for maximum code
     portability it is recommended that applications still make the
     distinction between protected and unprotected sqlite3_value objects even
     when not strictly required.

     The sqlite3_value objects that are passed as parameters into the
     implementation of application-defined SQL functions are protected.  The
     sqlite3_value object returned by sqlite3_column_value() is unprotected.
     Unprotected sqlite3_value objects may only be used as arguments to
     sqlite3_result_value(), sqlite3_bind_value(), and sqlite3_value_dup().
     The  sqlite3_value_type() family of interfaces require protected
     sqlite3_value objects.

     sqlite3_create_function(3), sqlite3_bind_blob(3), sqlite3_column_blob(3),
     sqlite3_result_blob(3), sqlite3_threadsafe(3), sqlite3_value_blob(3),
     sqlite3_value_dup(3), SQLITE_CONFIG_SINGLETHREAD(3)

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