Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3CHANGESET_INVERT(3)                            Library Functions Manual

     sqlite3changeset_invert - Invert A Changeset

     sqlite3changeset_invert(int nIn, const void *pIn, int *pnOut,
         void **ppOut        );

     This function is used to "invert" a changeset object.  Applying an
     inverted changeset to a database reverses the effects of applying the
     uninverted changeset.  Specifically:

        Each DELETE change is changed to an INSERT, and

        Each INSERT change is changed to a DELETE, and

        For each UPDATE change, the old.* and new.* values are exchanged.

     This function does not change the order in which changes appear within
     the changeset.  It merely reverses the sense of each individual change.

     If successful, a pointer to a buffer containing the inverted changeset is
     stored in *ppOut, the size of the same buffer is stored in *pnOut, and
     SQLITE_OK is returned.  If an error occurs, both *pnOut and *ppOut are
     zeroed and an SQLite error code returned.

     It is the responsibility of the caller to eventually call sqlite3_free()
     on the *ppOut pointer to free the buffer allocation following a
     successful call to this function.

     WARNING/TODO: This function currently assumes that the input is a valid
     changeset.  If it is not, the results are undefined.

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