Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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     sqlite3session_config - Configure global parameters

     sqlite3session_config(int op, void *pArg);

     The sqlite3session_config() interface is used to make global
     configuration changes to the sessions module in order to tune it to the
     specific needs of the application.

     The sqlite3session_config() interface is not threadsafe.  If it is
     invoked while any other thread is inside any other sessions method then
     the results are undefined.  Furthermore, if it is invoked after any
     sessions related objects have been created, the results are also

     The first argument to the sqlite3session_config() function must be one of
     the SQLITE_SESSION_CONFIG_XXX constants defined below.  The
     interpretation of the (void*) value passed as the second parameter and
     the effect of calling this function depends on the value of the first

     SQLITE_SESSION_CONFIG_STRMSIZEBy default, the sessions module streaming
             interfaces attempt to input and output data in approximately 1
             KiB chunks.  This operand may be used to set and query the value
             of this configuration setting.  The pointer passed as the second
             argument must point to a value of type (int).  If this value is
             greater than 0, it is used as the new streaming data chunk size
             for both input and output.  Before returning, the (int) value
             pointed to by pArg is set to the final value of the streaming
             interface chunk size.

     This function returns SQLITE_OK if successful, or an SQLite error code

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