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SQLITE3SESSION_TABLE_FILTER(3)                        Library Functions Manual

     sqlite3session_table_filter - Set a table filter on a Session Object.

     sqlite3session_table_filter(sqlite3_session *pSession,
         int(*xFilter)( void *pCtx,                   const char *zTab              ),
         void *pCtx                      );

     The second argument (xFilter) is the "filter callback".  For changes to
     rows in tables that are not attached to the Session object, the filter is
     called to determine whether changes to the table's rows should be tracked
     or not.  If xFilter returns 0, changes is not tracked.  Note that once a
     table is attached, xFilter will not be called again.

NetBSD 8.99.34                 December 19, 2018                NetBSD 8.99.34