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SSDFB(4)                     Device Drivers Manual                    SSDFB(4)

     ssdfb - OLED/PLED framebuffer device driver

     options FONT_SPLEEN5x8
     ssdfb* at iic? addr ?
     ssdfb* at iic? addr 0x3c
     ssdfb* at iic? addr 0x3d flags 0x102
     wsdisplay* at ssdfb?

     The ssdfb driver provides wsdisplay(4) support for OLED/PLED framebuffer
     modules based on one of the following controller chips:

              Solomon Systech Ltd SSD1306

              Sino Wealth Electronic Ltd SH1106

     The following products (controller + panel assemblies) are supported:

              0x01: Generic SSD1306 modules using default settings

              0x02: Generic SH1106 modules using default settings

              0x03: Adafruit Industries, LLC product 938 (128x64)

              0x04: Adafruit Industries, LLC product 931 (128x32)

     The flags value can contain one or more of the following, bitwise OR'ed:

              0x0??: Exactly one product id from the above list

              0x100: indicates that the display is mounted upside down and
               flips the screen

              0x200: enable inverse video

              0x400: forcibly attach as console

     iic(4), wsdisplay(4)

     An ssdfb driver first appeared in OpenBSD 6.4 and later in NetBSD 9.0.

     The ssdfb driver was written by Tobias Nygren <tnn@NetBSD.org>.

     It was inspired by (and shares its name with) the OpenBSD driver written
     by Patrick Wildt <patrick@blueri.se> but does not share any code.

     Some modules can be reconfigured to attach via spi(4), typically by
     moving surface mount zero ohm resistors.  This is currently not

NetBSD 8.99.34                  March 17, 2019                  NetBSD 8.99.34