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FD(4)                      Kernel Interfaces Manual                      FD(4)

     fd, stdin, stdout, stderr -- file descriptor files

     The files /dev/fd/0 through /dev/fd/# refer to file descriptors which can
     be accessed through the file system.  If the file descriptor is open and
     the mode the file is being opened with is a subset of the mode of the
     existing descriptor, the call:

           fd = open("/dev/fd/0", mode);

     and the call:

           fd = fcntl(0, F_DUPFD, 0);

     are equivalent.

     Opening the files /dev/stdin, /dev/stdout and /dev/stderr is equivalent
     to the following calls:

           fd = fcntl(STDIN_FILENO,  F_DUPFD, 0);
           fd = fcntl(STDOUT_FILENO, F_DUPFD, 0);
           fd = fcntl(STDERR_FILENO, F_DUPFD, 0);

     Flags to the open(2) call other than O_RDONLY, O_WRONLY and O_RDWR are


     tty(4), mount_fdesc(8)

     The floppy disk driver on some ports is also called fd; see fdc(4) for
     its documentation.

NetBSD 7.1.2                   December 29, 2013                  NetBSD 7.1.2