Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SYS_INFO(1)                 General Commands Manual                SYS_INFO(1)

     sys_info - script to show system version information

     sys_info [-v] [-d destination-dir] [-L lib-path] [-P path]
              [component ...]

     The sys_info script displays version numbers for system components.  It
     is useful for finding out the installed versions of the components of a
     system.  The sys_info utility uses a combination of ways to retrieve
     version information from the installed utilities.

     The following options are available:

     -d     This option provides a destination directory, used as the root
            directory of an alternative set of programs and libraries.  This
            can be useful for finding versions of utilities and libraries
            rooted in the file system directory, such as the destination
            directory from a build.sh run.

     -L     Give a list of directories (colon separated) that are used when
            searching for libraries.  If not given the value of
            LD_LIBRARY_PATH is used if set in the environment, or otherwise a
            standard (built-in) set of directories.

     -P     Set PATH.  If not given, the system default path, as obtained from
            user.cs_path via sysctl(8) is used.  To use the current value of
            $PATH from the caller, use:
                  -P "$PATH"

     -v     Show the commands used to obtain the version information for each

     Arguments may be given to sys_info.  If any arguments are specified, they
     are assumed to be names of programs, or shared libraries, installed on
     the system.  If no arguments are provided, then all of the items that are
     known to sys_info are reported.

     sys_info exits with status 2 if an unknown option is given, otherwise
     with status 1 if an unknown component is specified, otherwise, with
     status 0.

     awk(1), sed(1), strings(1), uname(1), sysctl(8)

     The sys_info program was first seen in NetBSD 8.

     The sys_info script was written by Alistair Crooks <agc@NetBSD.org>.

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