Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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TEA5767RADIO(4)              Device Drivers Manual             TEA5767RADIO(4)

     tea5767 - Philips/NXP TEA5767 FM Chip

     tea5767radio* at iic? addr 0x60 flags 0x00
     radio* at tea5767radio?

     The tea5767 driver provides support for the Philips/NXP TEA5767 FM stereo

     The tea5767 can tune in the range 87.5 - 108.0 MHz, perform hardware
     signal search and supports mono/stereo toggling.

     The flags control the FM Band, XTAL, and PLL values as follows:

     0x01    Sets the FM Band to Japan.

     0x02    Sets the PLL bit.

     0x04    Sets the XTAL bit.

     0x08    Force enables hardware search support.

     iic(4), radio(4), radio(9)

     TEA5767, Low-power FM stereo radio, Rev. 05, 26 January 2007.

     Many popular TEA5767 evaluation boards feature low quality 32.768kHz
     crystals.  The inaccuracy of these crystals may often lead to malfunction
     of the hardware search function.  Therefore, the tea5767 driver tries to
     detect the crystal quality during attachment.  If the crystal of
     insufficient accuracy was detected, the hardware search function is
     disabled.  It can be forcefully re-enabled by setting the 0x08 flag.

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