Updated: 2021/Apr/14

THREADS(3)                 Library Functions Manual                 THREADS(3)

     threads - C11 thread support library

     POSIX Threads Library (libpthread, -lpthread)

     #include <threads.h>

     The C11 thread support library provides an implementation of a portable
     threading interface, built on top of the pthread(3) native interfaces.
     This library is composed of:

     -   Initialization functions.

     -   Condition variable functions.

     -   Mutex functions.

     -   Thread functions.

     -   Thread-specifig storage functions.

     Function         Summary
     call_once(3)     calls function exactly once
     cnd_broadcast(3) unblocks all threads blocked on a condition
     cnd_destroy(3)   releases all resources used by a condition
     cnd_init(3)      creates a condition variable
     cnd_signal(3)    unblocks one of threads blocked on a condition
     cnd_timedwait(3) unlocks a mutex and blocks until a signal or timeout
     cnd_wait(3)      unlocks a mutex and blocks until a signal
     mtx_destroy(3)   releases resources used by a mutex
     mtx_init(3)      creates a mutex object with requested properties
     mtx_lock(3)      blocks on a mutex optionally with a recursive type
     mtx_timedwait(3) tries to block until it locks a mutex or timeout
     mtx_trylock(3)   tries to lock a mutex
     mtx_unlock(3)    unlocks a mutex
     thrd_create(3)   creates a thread executing a function with a parameter
     thrd_current(3)  identifies the thread that called this function
     thrd_detach(3)   dispose of resources allocated to a thread on exit
     thrd_equal(3)    determines whether two threads refer the same thread
     thrd_exit(3)     terminates a calling thread and sets its result code
     thrd_join(3)     joins a thread with the current one and blocks
     thrd_sleep(3)    suspends a calling thread until a signal or timeout
     tss_create(3)    creates a thread-specific storage pointer with a
     tss_delete(3)    releases resources used by a thread-specific storage
     tss_get(3)       gets a value of thread-specific storage from a key
     tss_set(3)       sets a value of thread-specific storage to a key

     c11(1), pthread(3), c(7)

     The threads library interfaces conform to ISO/IEC 9899:2011 ("ISO C11").

     This interface first appeared in NetBSD 9.

     Kamil Rytarowski <kamil@NetBSD.org>

NetBSD 9.99                    October 16, 2016                    NetBSD 9.99