Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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TPS65217PMIC(4)              Device Drivers Manual             TPS65217PMIC(4)

     tps65217pmic - Texas Instruments TPS65217 Power Management IC driver

     tps65217pmic0 at iic? addr 0x24

     The tps65217pmic driver provides minimal support for the TPS65217 chip
     and allows reporting regulated voltages through the envsys(4) API.

     The TPS65217 consists of low-dropout regulators (LDO) and step-down
     converters with integrated switching FETs (DCDC):
        LDO1: 1.0V - 3.3V
        LDO2: 0.9V - 3.3V
        LDO3: 1.5V - 3.3V
        LDO4: 1.5V - 3.3V
        DCDC1: 0.9V - 1.8V
        DCDC2: 0.9V - 3.3V
        DCDC1: 0.9V - 1.5V


     The tps65217pmic device first appeared in NetBSD 7.0.

     The tps65217pmic driver was written by Radoslaw Kujawa
     <radoslaw.kujawa@gmail.com>.  Voltage change callback for AM335x was
     added by Manuel Bouyer.  White LED (backlight) support was added by
     KIYOHARA Takashi.

     The driver can only report current voltage regulator settings.  It can
     not measure the real voltage, as the TPS65217 chip lacks hardware to do
     that.  Some boards allow voltage measurement by connecting the power
     output to external sensor, or analog input of the MPU, but this is
     outside of the scope of this driver.

     Modifying voltage regulator parameters from user space was deliberately
     left unimplemented, as these parameters should only be set at the
     firmware or kernel level.  Setting wrong parameters may result in
     permanent hardware damage.

     The tps65217pmic driver offers a function that can be used to change the
     voltage from other kernel components (currently used by AM335x support

     Battery and interrupt support is not implemented.

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