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USERINFO(8)                 System Manager's Manual                USERINFO(8)

     userinfo - displays user information

     userinfo [-e] user

     The userinfo utility retrieves the user information from the system.  The
     userinfo utility is only available if built with EXTENSIONS.  See user(8)
     for more information.

     The following command line option is recognised:

     -e      Return 0 if the user exists, and non-zero if the user does not
             exist, on the system.  No information is displayed.  This form of
             the command is useful for scripts which need to check whether a
             particular user name or uid is already in use on the system.

     The user argument may either be a user's name, or a uid.

     The userinfo utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     passwd(5), group(8), user(8), useradd(8), userdel(8)

     The userinfo utility first appeared in NetBSD 1.5.  It is based on the
     addnerd package by the same author.

     The userinfo utility was written by Alistair G. Crooks <agc@NetBSD.org>.

NetBSD 8.0                     November 16, 2005                    NetBSD 8.0