Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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USMSC(4)                     Device Drivers Manual                    USMSC(4)

     usmsc - SMSC LAN95xx 10/100 USB Ethernet device

     usmsc* at uhub?
     ukphy* at mii?

     The usmsc driver supports SMSC LAN9500/LAN9500A/LAN9530/LAN9730/LAN89530
     USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet devices and LAN951x USB 2.0 hub and 10/100
     Ethernet devices, including:

           Gamber Johnson MAG Docking Station 7160-0204
           Gamber Johnson MAG Docking Station 7160-0205
           Gamber Johnson MAG Docking Station 7160-0227
           GWC Technology HE2440
           HP USB Media Port Replicator
           j5create Newport Station JUD200
           Kensington Universal Notebook Docking Station (K33926US)
           LevelOne USB-0501
           Samsung Central Station monitors
           StarTech USBVGADOCK2
           XPower XP2440

     For more information on configuring this device, see ifconfig(8).

     See usbnet(4) for diagnostics.

     arp(4), ifmedia(4), mii(4), netintro(4), uhub(4), ukphy(4), usb(4),
     usbnet(4), ifconfig(8)

     The usmsc driver was written by Ben Gray <bgray@freebsd.org> for FreeBSD
     and ported to NetBSD from the OpenBSD version by Nick Hudson

     The usmsc driver first appeared in NetBSD 7.0.

NetBSD 9.99                     August 24, 2019                    NetBSD 9.99