Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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VIAENV(4)                    Device Drivers Manual                   VIAENV(4)

     viaenv - VIA VT82C686A/VT8231 Hardware Monitor and Power Management Timer

     viaenv* at pci? dev ? function ?

     The viaenv is an envsys(4) compatible driver for the Hardware Monitor and
     the Power Management timer in the VIA VT82C686A and VT8231 South Bridges.

     The device has 10 sensors:

           Sensor    Units    Typical Use
           TSENS1    uK       CPU temperature
           TSENS2    uK       System temperature
           TSENS3    uK       ?
           FAN1      RPM      CPU fan
           FAN2      RPM      System fan
           VSENS1    uV DC    CPU core voltage (2.0V)
           VSENS2    uV DC    North Bridge core voltage (2.5V)
           Vcore     uV DC    Internal core voltage (3.3V)
           VSENS3    uV DC    +5V
           VSENS4    uV DC    +12V

     Sensor data is updated every 1.5 seconds.

     envsys(4), envstat(8)

     The viaenv device appeared in NetBSD 1.5.

     Interrupt support is unimplemented, as is support for setting values.

NetBSD 9.99                    January 20, 2007                    NetBSD 9.99