Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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VIRECOVER(8)                System Manager's Manual               VIRECOVER(8)

     virecover - report recovered vi edit sessions


     The virecover utility sends emails to users who have vi(1) recovery

     This email gives the name of the file that was saved for recovery and
     instructions for recovering most, if not all, of the changes to the file.
     This is done by using the -r option with vi(1).  See the -r option in
     vi(1) for details.

     If the backup files have the execute bit set or are zero length, then
     they have not been modified, so virecover deletes them to clean up.
     virecover also removes recovery files that are corrupted, zero length, or
     do not have a corresponding backup file.

     virecover is normally run automatically at boot time using

     /var/tmp/vi.recover/recover.*  vi(1) recovery files
     /var/tmp/vi.recover/vi.*       vi(1) editor backup files

     vi(1), rc.conf(5)

     This script, previously known as recover.script, is from nvi and was
     added to NetBSD in 1996.  It was renamed in 2001.

     This man page was written by Jeremy C. Reed <reed@reedmedia.net>.

NetBSD 9.99                     October 9, 2006                    NetBSD 9.99