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EI(4)                        Device Drivers Manual                       EI(4)

     ei - Acorn AKA25 (Ether1) Ethernet driver

     ei* at podulebus0 slot ?

     The ei driver provides access to a 10 Mb/s Ethernet network through an
     Acorn AKA25 Ethernet card (also known as "Ether1" after its RISC OS
     driver).  The card is based on the Intel 82586.

     Media selection on the AKA25 is through links on the board (LK3-LK8 and
     LK10), so there are no media options available through the driver.

     netintro(4), podulebus(4), ifconfig(8)

NetBSD 8.99.34                 October 22, 2006                 NetBSD 8.99.34