Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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EX(4)                        Device Drivers Manual                       EX(4)

     ex - driver for 3Com Fast EtherLink XL (3c900, 3c905, 3c980) and similar
     PCI bus and cardbus Ethernet interfaces

     ex* at cardbus? function ?
     ex* at pci? dev ? function ?

     3Com Ethernet and Fast Ethernet cards supported by the ex driver include:

     3c450-TX      10/100 Ethernet
     3c555         MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet
     3c575-TX      Ethernet
     3c575B-TX     Ethernet
     3c575CT       Ethernet
     3c656         MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet
     3c656B        MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet
     3c656C        MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet
     3c900-TPO     Ethernet
     3c900-COMBO   Ethernet
     3c900B-TPC    Ethernet
     3c900B-TPO    Ethernet
     3c900B-COMBO  Ethernet
     3c905-T4      10/100 Ethernet
     3c905-TX      10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-COMBO  10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-FX     10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-T4     10/100 Ethernet
     3c905B-TX     10/100 Ethernet
     3c905CX-TX    10/100 Ethernet
     3c980         Server Adapter 10/100 Ethernet
     3c980C-TXM    10/100 Ethernet
     3cSOHO100-TX  10/100 Ethernet

     All versions of the EtherLink XL (except the older 3c900 and 3c905)
     support IPv4/TCP/UDP checksumming in hardware.  The ex driver supports
     this feature of the chip.  See ifconfig(8) for information on how to
     enable this feature.

     Some of these network interfaces support the Media Independent Interface
     (MII), a bus which can have at least one arbitrary Physical interface
     (PHY) chip on it.  NetBSD supports MII and has separate drivers for many
     different PHY chips, including ukphy(4), a generic PHY driver that can
     support many PHY chips that NetBSD does not yet have a specific driver

     Support for the PHY found on a given NIC must be configured into a NetBSD
     kernel config(1) for this driver to work properly in those cases.

     See ifmedia(4), and mii(4).

     %s: adapter failure (%x)
     %s: can't allocate download descriptors, error = %d
     %s: can't allocate or map rx buffers
     %s: can't allocate upload descriptors, error = %d
     %s: can't create download desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't create rx DMA map %d, error = %d
     %s: can't create tx DMA map %d, error = %d
     %s: can't create upload desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't load download desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't load mbuf chain, error = %d
     %s: can't load rx buffer, error = %d
     %s: can't load upload desc. DMA map, error = %d
     %s: can't map download descriptors, error = %d
     %s: can't map upload descriptors, error = %d
     %s: fifo underrun (%x) @%d
     %s: jabber (%x)
     %s: receive stalled
     %s: too many segments,
     %s: uplistptr was 0  host too slow to serve incoming packets

     cardbus(4), exphy(4), ifmedia(4), intro(4), mii(4), pci(4), ifconfig(8)

NetBSD 10.99                   October 30, 2007                   NetBSD 10.99