Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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GPIOIRQ(4)                   Device Drivers Manual                  GPIOIRQ(4)

     gpioirq - Install an interrupt handler on a GPIO pin

     gpioirq* at gpio? offset 0 mask 0x1 flag 0x00

     The gpioirq driver attaches an interrupt handler to a single GPIO pin.

     The pin number is specified in the kernel configuration file with the
     offset locator.  The mask locator should always be 0x1.

     The flag locator specifies the interrupt mode to use:

     0x01      Interrupt on the positive (rising) edge of the pin.

     0x02      Interrupt on the negative (falling) edge of the pin.

     0x04      Interrupt on both edges of the pin.

     0x08      Assert the intrerrupt as long as the pin is high.

     0x10      Assert the interrupt as long as the pin is low.

     Note that the interrupts modes are mutually-exclusive, and exactly one
     interrupt mode must be specified.  These flags correspond to the
     GPIO_INTR mode bits defined in sys/gpio.h.  In addition to the interrupt
     mode, setting 0x1000 in flags will enable the printing of a message to
     the console whenever the interrupt handler is called.

     The offset, mask, and flag locators can also be specified when gpioirq is
     attached at runtime using the GPIOATTACH ioctl(2) on the gpio(4) device.

     gpio(4), drvctl(8), gpioctl(8)

     The gpioirq driver first appeared in NetBSD 9.0.

     The gpioirq driver was written by Brad Spencer <brad@anduin.eldar.org>.

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