Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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JMIDE(4)                     Device Drivers Manual                    JMIDE(4)

     jmide - JMicron Technology JMB36x PCIe to SATA II/PATA controller driver

     jmide* at pci? dev ? function ? flags 0x0000
     ahcisata* at jmide?

     The jmide driver supports the JMicron Technology JMB36x IDE controllers.

     These PCI-e controllers exist in different flavors (1 or 2 PATA Ultra/133
     ports and/or 1 or 2 SATA-II ports), and are highly flexible.  The SATA
     ports can be attached to the integrated AHCI controller or attached to
     the PCI IDE channels in PATA emulation, in either single-drive emulation
     on each PCI IDE channels, or in master/slave emulation on one of the PCI
     IDE channels.

     When enabled, the AHCI controller can either be on the PCI function 0 or
     function 2.  The PCI IDE controller can also be on either PCI function,
     and can share the PCI function with AHCI.  The jmide driver supports both
     the AHCI controller and PCI IDE controller in various configurations.

     ahcisata(4), ata(4), atapi(4), intro(4), pci(4), pciide(4), wd(4), wdc(4)

     The jmide driver was written by Manuel Bouyer.

NetBSD 9.99                      July 2, 2007                      NetBSD 9.99