Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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NEWLOCALE(3)               Library Functions Manual               NEWLOCALE(3)

     newlocale - Creates a new locale

     Standard C Library (libc, -lc)

     #include <locale.h>

     newlocale(int mask, const char * locale, locale_t base);

     Creates a new locale, inheriting some properties from an existing locale.
     The mask defines the components that the new locale will have set to the
     locale with the name specified in the locale parameter.  Any components
     not specified in mask will be inherited from the locale referenced by
     base, if base is not NULL.  If the call is successful, the state of the
     locale referenced by base is unspecified, and it must not be accessed.
     The special locale LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE may not be specified for base.  The
     mask is either LC_ALL_MASK, indicating all possible locale components, or
     the logical OR of some combination of the following:

           LC_COLLATE_MASK   The locale for string collation routines.  This
                             controls alphabetic ordering in strcoll(3) and

           LC_CTYPE_MASK     The locale for the ctype(3) functions.  This
                             controls recognition of upper and lower case,
                             alphabetic or non-alphabetic characters, and so

           LC_MESSAGES_MASK  Set a locale for message catalogs, see catopen(3)

           LC_MONETARY_MASK  Set a locale for formatting monetary values; this
                             affects the localeconv(3) function.

           LC_NUMERIC_MASK   Set a locale for formatting numbers.  This
                             controls the formatting of decimal points in
                             input and output of floating point numbers in
                             functions such as printf(3) and scanf(3), as well
                             as values returned by localeconv(3).

           LC_TIME_MASK      Set a locale for formatting dates and times using
                             the strftime(3) function.
     This function uses the same rules for loading locale components as

     Returns a new, valid, locale_t or NULL if an error occurs.  You must free
     the returned locale with freelocale(3).

     duplocale(3), freelocale(3), localeconv(3)

     This function conforms to IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 ("POSIX.1").

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