Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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PXAIP(4)                     Device Drivers Manual                    PXAIP(4)

     pxaip - Intel Xscale PXA250/PXA270 Onboard Peripheral Controller

     pxaip0 at mainbus?

     pxaip is an on-board peripheral controller found in XScale PXA250,
     PXA255, PXA270, PXA271, and PXA272 processors manufactured by Intel and
     Marvell Technology.  Drivers are available for the following peripherals:

           com         NS16650-compatible serial ports.

           gxiic       Gumstix Inter IC controller.

           gxio        Gumstix I/O interface.

           lcd         LCD controller.

           obio        Onboard I/O interface.

           ohci        USB OHCI host controller.

           pxaacu      Intel Xscale PXA250/270 AC'97 audio device.

           pxadmac     Intel XScale PXA250/270 DMA controller.

           pxagpio0    Intel XScale PXA250/270 GPIO controller.

           pxaintc     Intel XScale PXA250/270 interrupt controller.

           pxamci      Intel XScale PXA250/270 SD/MMC card controller.

           pxapcic     Intel XScale PXA250/270 PCMCIA controller.

           pxartc      Intel XScale PXA250/270 real time clock.

           saost       StrongARM SA-110 compatible OS timer.

           sm          SMC91Cxx Ethernet interface.

           zapm        Sharp Zaurus power management controller.

           ziic        Sharp Zaurus Inter IC controller

           zkbd        Sharp Zaurus keyboard.

           zrc         Sharp Zaurus remote controller.

     com(4), evbarm/gxio(4), ohci(4), sm(4)

     The pxaip driver first appeared in NetBSD 2.0.

     The pxaip driver was written by Steve Woodford <scw@NetBSD.org>.  This
     manual page was contributed by Stephan Meisinger.

NetBSD 9.99                      March 5, 2017                     NetBSD 9.99