Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SPDMEM(4)                    Device Drivers Manual                   SPDMEM(4)

     spdmem - Generic Memory Module Serial Presence Detect

     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x50
     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x51
     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x52
     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x53
     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x54
     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x55
     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x56
     spdmem* at iic? addr 0x57

     The spdmem driver provides support for generic memory module Serial
     Presence Detect.  During kernel boot it displays module type, and where
     possible, the size and rated speed of the memory module.  Additional
     information such as bank configuration and width is printed if the kernel
     is booted in verbose mode.

     The Serial Presence Detect data for each memory module is also made
     accessible to user mode via sysctl(8).  An entry for each spdmem device
     is created under the hw top-level MIB.

     Some SPD ROMs also have a temperature sensor.  It's supported by

     iic(4), intro(4), sdtemp(4)

     The spdmem driver first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.

     The spdmem driver was written by Nicolas Joly <njoly@pasteur.fr> with
     additional work by Paul Goyette <paul@whooppee.com>.

NetBSD 10.99                     July 27, 2016                    NetBSD 10.99