Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3_BIND_PARAMETER_NAME(3)                        Library Functions Manual

     sqlite3_bind_parameter_name - Name Of A Host Parameter

     const char *
     sqlite3_bind_parameter_name(sqlite3_stmt*, int);

     The sqlite3_bind_parameter_name(P,N) interface returns the name of the N-
     th SQL parameter in the prepared statement P.  SQL parameters of the form
     "?NNN" or ":AAA" or "@AAA" or "$AAA" have a name which is the string
     "?NNN" or ":AAA" or "@AAA" or "$AAA" respectively.  In other words, the
     initial ":" or "$" or "@" or "?" is included as part of the name.
     Parameters of the form "?" without a following integer have no name and
     are referred to as "nameless" or "anonymous parameters".

     The first host parameter has an index of 1, not 0.

     If the value N is out of range or if the N-th parameter is nameless, then
     NULL is returned.  The returned string is always in UTF-8 encoding even
     if the named parameter was originally specified as UTF-16 in
     sqlite3_prepare16(), sqlite3_prepare16_v2(), or sqlite3_prepare16_v3().

     sqlite3_stmt(3), sqlite3_bind_blob(3), sqlite3_bind_parameter_count(3),
     sqlite3_bind_parameter_index(3), sqlite3_prepare(3)

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