Updated: 2021/Apr/14

SQLITE3_COLUMN_DECLTYPE(3)                            Library Functions Manual

     sqlite3_column_decltype, sqlite3_column_decltype16 - Declared Datatype Of
     A Query Result

     const char *
     sqlite3_column_decltype(sqlite3_stmt*, int);

     const void *
     sqlite3_column_decltype16(sqlite3_stmt*, int);

     The first parameter is a prepared statement.  If this statement is a
     SELECT statement and the Nth column of the returned result set of that
     SELECT is a table column (not an expression or subquery) then the
     declared type of the table column is returned.  If the Nth column of the
     result set is an expression or subquery, then a NULL pointer is returned.
     The returned string is always UTF-8 encoded.

     For example, given the database schema:


     and the following statement to be compiled:

     SELECT c1 + 1, c1 FROM t1;

     this routine would return the string "VARIANT" for the second result
     column (i==1), and a NULL pointer for the first result column (i==0).

     SQLite uses dynamic run-time typing.  So just because a column is
     declared to contain a particular type does not mean that the data stored
     in that column is of the declared type.  SQLite is strongly typed, but
     the typing is dynamic not static.  Type is associated with individual
     values, not with the containers used to hold those values.


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