Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3_DATA_COUNT(3)      Library Functions Manual      SQLITE3_DATA_COUNT(3)

     sqlite3_data_count - Number of columns in a result set

     sqlite3_data_count(sqlite3_stmt *pStmt);

     The sqlite3_data_count(P) interface returns the number of columns in the
     current row of the result set of prepared statement P.  If prepared
     statement P does not have results ready to return (via calls to the
     sqlite3_column_*() of interfaces) then sqlite3_data_count(P) returns 0.
     The sqlite3_data_count(P) routine also returns 0 if P is a NULL pointer.
     The sqlite3_data_count(P) routine returns 0 if the previous call to
     sqlite3_step(P) returned SQLITE_DONE.  The sqlite3_data_count(P) will
     return non-zero if previous call to sqlite3_step(P) returned SQLITE_ROW,
     except in the case of the PRAGMA incremental_vacuum where it always
     returns zero since each step of that multi-step pragma returns 0 columns
     of data.

     sqlite3_stmt(3), sqlite3_column_count(3), sqlite3_column_blob(3),
     sqlite3_step(3), SQLITE_OK(3)

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