Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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SQLITE3_OVERLOAD_FUNCTION(3)                          Library Functions Manual

     sqlite3_overload_function - Overload A Function For A Virtual Table

     sqlite3_overload_function(sqlite3*, const char *zFuncName, int nArg);

     Virtual tables can provide alternative implementations of functions using
     the xFindFunction method of the virtual table module.  But global
     versions of those functions must exist in order to be overloaded.

     This API makes sure a global version of a function with a particular name
     and number of parameters exists.  If no such function exists before this
     API is called, a new function is created.  The implementation of the new
     function always causes an exception to be thrown.  So the new function is
     not good for anything by itself.  Its only purpose is to be a placeholder
     function that can be overloaded by a virtual table.


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