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SQLITE3_STR(3)             Library Functions Manual             SQLITE3_STR(3)

     sqlite3_str - Dynamic String Object

     typedef struct sqlite3_str sqlite3_str;

     An instance of the sqlite3_str object contains a dynamically-sized string
     under construction.

     The lifecycle of an sqlite3_str object is as follows:

     1.   The sqlite3_str object is created using sqlite3_str_new().

     2.   Text is appended to the sqlite3_str object using various methods,
          such as sqlite3_str_appendf().

     3.   The sqlite3_str object is destroyed and the string it created is
          returned using the sqlite3_str_finish() interface.

     sqlite3_str_appendf(3), sqlite3_str_finish(3), sqlite3_str_new(3)

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