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SQLITE3_STR_FINISH(3)      Library Functions Manual      SQLITE3_STR_FINISH(3)

     sqlite3_str_finish - Finalize A Dynamic String

     char *

     The sqlite3_str_finish(X) interface destroys the sqlite3_str object X and
     returns a pointer to a memory buffer obtained from sqlite3_malloc64()
     that contains the constructed string.  The calling application should
     pass the returned value to sqlite3_free() to avoid a memory leak.  The
     sqlite3_str_finish(X) interface may return a NULL pointer if any errors
     were encountered during construction of the string.  The
     sqlite3_str_finish(X) interface will also return a NULL pointer if the
     string in sqlite3_str object X is zero bytes long.

     sqlite3_malloc(3), sqlite3_str(3)

NetBSD 8.99.34                 December 19, 2018                NetBSD 8.99.34