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TCU(4)                       Device Drivers Manual                      TCU(4)

     tcu - TURBOchannel USB host options

     tcu*    at tc? slot ? offset ?

     slhci*  at tcu?
     usb*    at slhci?

     gpio*   at gpiobus?

     The tcu driver provides support for the flxd TC-USB TURBOchannel USB host
     options based upon a Cypress SL811HST USB 1.1 host controller and a glue
     logic CPLD.  USB is handled by the slhci(4) driver.  Eight GPIO pins
     provided by the CPLD can be accessed through the gpio(4) driver.

     gpio(4), slhci(4), tc(4), usb(4)

NetBSD 8.0                      August 9, 2016                      NetBSD 8.0