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UCOM(4)                    Kernel Interfaces Manual                    UCOM(4)

     ucom -- USB tty support

     ucom* at u3g?
     ucom* at uark?
     ucom* at ubsa?
     ucom* at uchcom?
     ucom* at uftdi?
     ucom* at ugensa?
     ucom* at uhmodem?
     ucom* at uipaq?
     ucom* at ukyopon?
     ucom* at umcs? portno ?
     ucom* at umct?
     ucom* at umodem?
     ucom* at uplcom?
     ucom* at uslsa?
     ucom* at uvisor? portno ?
     ucom* at uvscom?

     The ucom driver attaches to USB modems, serial ports, and other devices
     that need to look like a tty.  The ucom driver shows a behaviour like a
     tty(4).  This means that normal programs such as tip(1) or pppd(8) can be
     used to access the device.

     The portno locator can be used to decide which port to use for device
     that have multiple external ports.

     Note that while ucom supports the (undocumented) pulse-per-second API
     normally used on conventional serial ports, USB serial devices typically
     have a varying latency around 1 ms due to the USB frame structure.



     tty(4), u3g(4), ubsa(4), uchcom(4), uftdi(4), ugensa(4), uhmodem(4),
     uipaq(4), ukyopon(4), umct(4), umodem(4), uplcom(4), usb(4), uslsa(4),
     uvisor(4), uvscom(4)

     The ucom driver appeared in NetBSD 1.5.

NetBSD 7.1.2                     July 25, 2014                    NetBSD 7.1.2