Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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UMBCTL(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  UMBCTL(8)

     umbctl - display or set parameters for a MBIM interface (4G/LTE)

     umbctl [-v] ifname [parameter [value]] [...]

     umbctl [-v] -f config-file ifname

     umbctl supports the following options:

           -f config-file     Parse config-file for parameter[=value] pairs,
                              one per line, as if they had been specified on
                              the command line.  This allows the password or
                              PIN codes to be not passed as command line
                              arguments.  Comments starting with # to the end
                              of the current line are ignored.

           -v                 Enables verbose mode.

     The umb(4) driver may require a number of additional arguments or
     optional parameters besides the settings that can be adjusted with
     ifconfig(8).  These may be credentials or other tunable connectivity
     variables.  The umbctl utility can be used to display the current
     settings, or adjust these parameters as required.

     For whatever intent umbctl is being called, at least the parameter ifname
     needs to be specified, naming the interface for which the settings are to
     be performed or displayed.  Use ifconfig(8) or netstat(1) to see which
     interfaces are available.

     If no other parameter is given, umbctl will just list the current status
     for ifname and exit.

     If any additional parameter is supplied, superuser privileges are
     required, and the command works in `set' mode.  This is normally done
     quietly, unless the option -v is also enabled, which will cause a final
     printout of the status as described above once all other actions have
     been taken.

     The parameters currently supported include:

           apn=access-point           Set the APN to access-point.

           username=username          Set the username to username.

           password=password          Set the password to password.

           pin=pin-code               Enter the PIN pin-code.

           puk=puk-code               Enter the PUK puk-code.

           roaming                    Allow data connections when roaming.

           -roaming                   Deny data connections when roaming.

     # umbctl umb0
     umb0: state up, mode automatic, registration home network
             provider "BSD-Net", dataclass LTE, signal good
             phone number "+15554242", roaming "" (denied)
             APN "", TX 50000000, RX 100000000
             firmware "MBIM_FW_V1.0", hardware "MBIM_HW_V1.0"

     Display the settings for umb0.

     # umbctl umb0 apn operator.internet username mobile password mobile

     Configure the connection parameters for umb0 from the command line.

     # umbctl -f /dev/stdin umb0 << EOF

     Configure the connection parameters for umb0 from a file.

     netstat(1), umb(4), ifconfig(8), ifwatchd(8)

     The umbctl utility first appeared in NetBSD 9.0.

     The program was written by Pierre Pronchery.

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