Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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XGE(4)                       Device Drivers Manual                      XGE(4)

     xge - Neterion Xframe-I Ten Gigabit Ethernet driver

     xge* at pci? dev ? function ?

     The xge device driver supports the Neterion Xframe-I LR Ethernet adapter,
     which uses a single mode fiber (1310nm) interface.

     The Xframe supports IPv4/TCP/UDP checksumming in hardware, as well as TCP
     Segmentation Offloading (TSO) and hardware VLAN handling.  The driver
     currently does not support the hardware VLAN feature.  See ifconfig(8)
     for information on how to enable TSO and hardware checksum calculation.

     xge%s: failed configuring endian, %llx != %llx!  The Xframe could not be
     turned into the correct endian operation.  This is most likely a hardware

     xge%d: failed allocating txmem.
     xge%d: failed allocating rxmem.  The computer has run out of kernel

     xge%d: adapter not quiescent, aborting
     xge%d: ADAPTER_STATUS missing bits %s  The Xframe could not be turned
     into a usable state.  Most likely an Xframe hardware error.

     xge%d: cannot create TX DMA maps
     xge%d: cannot create RX DMA maps  This error is either a kernel error or
     that the kernel has run out of available memory.

     xge%d: bad compiler struct alignment, %d != %d  The compiler did not
     align the structure correctly.  This is a compiler problem.

     arp(4), ifmedia(4), netintro(4), pci(4), ifconfig(8)

     The xge driver first appeared in NetBSD 3.0.

     The xge driver was written by Anders Magnusson <ragge@ludd.luth.se>.

     There should be an XGMII framework for the driver to use.

NetBSD 9.99                    September 9, 2005                   NetBSD 9.99