Updated: 2022/Sep/29

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MVSATA(4)                    Device Drivers Manual                   MVSATA(4)

     mvsata - Marvell Hercules-I and Hercules-II SATA controllers driver

     mvsata* at pci? dev ? function ?

     The mvsata driver supports the Marvell Hercules-I and Hercules-II family
     of SATA controllers, interfacing the hardware with the ata(4) and
     atapi(4) subsystems.

     The following controllers are supported by the mvsata driver:

         Gen I
                     SATA 1.5Gbps; no support for NCQ, PMP, ATAPI
                     Supported controllers:
                         Marvell 88SX50xx Hercules-I
         Gen II
                     SATA 3Gbps, NCQ, and PMP support; no ATAPI support
                     Supported controllers:
                         Adaptec RAID 1420SA
                         Marvell 88SX60xx Hercules-II
         Gen IIe
                     SATA 3Gbps, NCQ, PMP, ATAPI support
                     Supported controllers:
                         Adaptec RAID 1430SA
                         Marvell 88SX70xx Hercules-II
                         Triones Technologies RocketRAID 2310 RAID card

     ahcisata(4), ata(4), atapi(4), pci(4), wd(4)

     The mvsata driver first appeared in NetBSD 6.0.  NCQ support was added,
     and ATAPI support enabled, in NetBSD on October 7, 2017 .

     The mvsata driver was written by KIYOHARA Takashi
     <kiyohara@kk.iij4u.or.jp>.  NCQ support was added by
     Jaromir Dolecek <jdolecek@NetBSD.org>.

     NCQ is only enabled on Gen IIe controllers.
     Device hot swapping is not yet supported.
     Marvell's Software RAID is not supported by the
             ataraid(4) driver.  raid(4) can be used instead.

     This controller hardware is very old and pretty peculiar, with poor ATAPI
     support.  It's very unlikely that the driver will receive any further
     changes, particularly not for the Gen I and Gen II controllers.  Use an
     ahcisata(4) compatible controller instead.

NetBSD 10.99                   October 24, 2018                   NetBSD 10.99